Do not skip past the Ram 1500 if your goal is to check out the best durability in a truck. You need a machine that can get the job done, and that is the Ram 1500. It has two engine options that are both strong. The V6 engine is capable of providing a six-speed automation transmission and the V8 engine has a nine-speed automatic transmission. Those are both terrific options for the way that we drive these days.

Significant powertrains and powerful engine torques are both elements of how the engines of the Ram 1500 work. You get it all in this single truck package. Despite this incredible power and ability, the Ram 1500 remains affordable for virtually any budget. You can’t take that fact for granted. People need a strong truck, but they need one that they can afford to pay for. That is what it all boils down to with the Ram 1500.


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