Do you drive with little ones in the car? If so, we at Norris-Northup Dodge Inc recommend a vehicle with active safety features, such as the Jeep Compass. This popular compact SUV is packed with technology that helps you stay alert, even when distractions are present.

For parents, the available Advanced Safety and Security Group is a must. Using smart sensors, this suite constantly scans the area around your car — then, it warns you about potential hazards, lane departures, and more. That way, you can improve your reaction time and stay safe in the process.

Do you ever need to parallel park in Gallipolis? With the available ParkSense system on the Compass, the process is fast and hassle free. As you back in, the Compass helps you maintain a safe distance from the car behind you. Try it out during a test-drive of the Compass with our team.


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