The Dodge Durango is a mid-sized SUV that provides you with great traction control, and it has the interior room that people want when they purchase an SUV. When you view the Dodge Durango at Norris-Northup Dodge Inc, you will see that the Durango comes with several different packages that allow you to have a Durango with the exact features you want.

One of the special packages available is the Blacktop Package. This package allows you to have a Durango with gloss black exterior mirrors and 20-inch wheels that are black. The black exterior badges provide an attractive accent to the Durango's overall appearance.

Another appearance package that you will find for the Dodge Durango is the Brass Monkey Package. With this appearance package, the Durango will come with 20-inch wheels. The wheels will have a multi-spoke appearance and a bronze coloration. Badges in black will accent the Durango.


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