Everyone wants to enjoy their time spent driving. The popularity of the Jeep Cherokee shows the subcompact SUV delivers positive experiences. Maybe the safety features contribute more to the model's reputation than realized.

The presence of seven standard airbags might calm nerves when traveling in the Jeep Cherokee. Even the safest driver can't 100% prevent collisions. If an accident does occur, at least the airbags come into play to offer some protection. Seven of them cover a lot of interior ground.

The high-tech safety features stand out, but don't overlook the incredible steel chassis. Solid steel can handle a lot when a vehicle suffers from impact. Overall, the design and construction of the Jeep Cherokee combine to redirect crash energy from the cabin. Disbursing the energy away from drivers and passengers is extremely helpful in a collision.

At Norris Northup Dodge, we want you to help yourself to a test drive. Give the Jeep Cherokee a try on our roads.



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