It's hard for us at Norris Northup Dodge to pick our favorite Ram 3500 capability features. This truck is a heavy duty champ all the way around, with impressive payload capacity and smooth handling on country roads and streets. If we have to narrow down our choices, here are the two capability features we choose.

Pick up extra cash this winter as a freelance snow plow. Now you can, thanks to the Snow Chief Package. This package combines a limited slip axle, a transfer case skid plate and clearance lamps with larger off-road tires for efficient, thorough plowing. An auxiliary cluster lets you easily lift up plows and other road-clearing equipment. The real star is beneath the hood: a 5.7L HEMI V8 delivering textbook power output with minimal heat loss.

Enjoy a more comfortable, more level ride despite your payload with Ram 3500's Three-Link Front Suspension. A wide frame, large stabilizer bar, strong shocks and outwardly positioned springs absorb bumps and hiccups, keeping your trailer aligned and your ride smooth. Test drive the Ram 3500 today and experience its capability features first hang.



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