The Dodge Journey Has Tools That Manage Heavy Cargo

During towing jobs on rough roads, a Dodge Journey can help you reach your destination without damaging the cargo. If you encounter road hazards along the way, the Journey's highly sophisticated hardware will make strategic adjustments to protect everything on a trailer.

The Dodge Journey has two features that simplify towing jobs. Dodge's Electronic Stability Control activates when the Journey maneuvers along streets that have hazards. If this system detects a problem, it will implement procedures to decrease engine power by automatically applying the brakes. As this happens, the Electronic Roll Mitigation system manages the wheels. This system has one purpose on the road, which is to prevent situations that can cause a rollover.

Both of these tools can provide strategic advantages when heavy cargo is hauled on challenging roads. At Norris Northup Dodge, you can check out these features and other design elements that make the Dodge Journey unique.



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