Understanding Oil Viscosity and How It Affects Your Vehicle

Have you ever wondered what those letters and numbers on containers of motor oil represent? The combination of characters, such as 5W-30 or 10W-30, shows the viscosity of motor oil.

Viscosity is a basic measurement of the oil's resistance to movement. Water poured from a glass has a low viscosity, as there is little resistance. A jar of the proverbial molasses in January would have a high viscosity. The more viscous a fluid, the slower it flows.

Different viscosities of motor oil are more efficient under certain circumstances. Low viscosity oils will keep an engine lubricated in the coldest temperatures. In warmer climates, low viscosity oils would become too thin to function effectively, so a higher viscosity rating is recommended.

Norris Northup Dodge's experienced service technicians can recommend an oil rating that best suits your specific needs. Stop by our Gallipolis location today!

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