Jeep Wrangler Puts Safety First!

The Jeep Wrangler is a compact SUV that is popular among people who drive a lot and love adventure trips. We at Norris Northup Dodge in Gallipolis are well informed about all of the safety features Jeep has to offer in the Wrangler. Some features that are great to have on a road trip are Trailer Sway Control and the full-size spare tire.

Trailer Sway Control can help you keep your trailer from pulling and swaying on the road. This feature is able to put on the brakes and adjust the engine throttle! Your trailer will stay in the right lane and you can feel better about towing for a distance.

The full-size spare is a good safety feature for those who love taking long trips. If you call roadside assistance or change the tire yourself, you will know that your spare can do the job to get you where you are headed.



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